Welcome to Tshwane Home Educators Academy

We believe that every parent should according to scripture "Train a child in the way he or she should go
(and in keeping his individual gift or bent) and when he is old he or she will never depart from it"
Proverbs 22:6


THEA offers learning materials for all stages and levels of education. We believe that the foundation of a sound education includes morals and values. THEA makes use of an international curriculum.


We offer a wide range of services. These services include Hosting, Field Trips and final exams.


Our events are open to any home schooling family. Come and see what we have up next.

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Interested in home schooling? Let us help you make the best future choice.

Welcome to Tshwane Home Educators Academy

We are glad to welcome you into our world of home schooling!
We hope we can answer all of your questions and assist you in make the right choice for your child:

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    A.C.E. Accelerate Christian Education. A curriculum that works!

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    T.H.E.A. Tshwane Home Educators Academy. Here to serve and assist you on your home schooling journey!

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"Thank God for home-schooling a dream that became a reality! It's only because of His DIVINE Plan ,infinite wisdom that we could be part of this journey. Trusting ,obeying the leading of the Holy spirit made us realize we at the right place in the right season. The THEA teams support ,friendliness, love & dedication makes every step more rewarding. Hard work and obstacles feeling at times to give up? Of course but with the help of the family at THEA and GOD'S Grace we take one day at time. This curriculum of ACE/AEE is one of the best I can truly say it's only by the help of God that we came to know about it and of THEA. It's truly moulding a positive Christian character in our sons life that can not be overlooked but is appreciated. I can surely write a book about our experienced but let me conclude with the following the logo "Train a child in the way he should go..." will remind us why we chose homeschooling. Big thanks to the THEA team for your support may GOD RICHLY BLESSED AND GUIDE YOU ALL!! KEEP THE FAITH !! Love the Marais family? "

Lindy Marais

"If it wasn't for THEA academy I would not even start homeschooling 9 years ago. It can be really hard sometimes and the office helps me a lot to stay focus and to stay calm! After 9 years I can definitely see the fruit in the lives of our 2 boys. I don't know how I would ever succeed to teach our son's biblical principles that are so important in today's living if it wasn't for AEE. So in conclusion, without the TEAM at THEA I would be lost. "

Amanda Krynauw

"Starting Homeschooling, was completely unexpected for us. It just happened. But it was probably the most frightening thing we as parents have ever done. To leave the very familiar system behind and embarking on this new journey. Since I work in a children's ministry organization it was especially scary since everyone told me I had to quit my job if I wanted to Homeschool. But in fact, it was a way the Lord provided for us to do our work even more efficiently. My 3 children now form part of our ministry and get the chance to help with setting up my sound system when we go to schools, and they get a good solid foundation in Christian values through my ministering and ACE. As a family through ACE, we are growing closer together as we grow closer to God. We just recently joined the THEA family, and it has been a joy to see how keen they are to stand us by in our every need. I am excited to continue on this journey with them. "

Hannelie Le Roux

"Everyday I thank God for Vincent. He saved our souls and lives the day I spoke to him on the phone. His smile in his voice and attitude helped me relax and gave me new hope. I will stand by them forever. All new parents I promise you THEA will not be a mistake ever...PRAISE THE LORD for people like them "

Giselle Van Wyk

"Beginning home-schooling with ACE was really an unexpected adventure for my family and I. We were first told about ACE by my aunt in the UK, she took her kids out of a private school and they seemed to enjoy it. My parents were curious about it for the high school I attended produced many problems for me from grades 8-10 and with my father being boarded off work due to him recovering from cancer, this created an opportunity for me to study at home and keep an eye on him. When I was first told that I would be home-schooled I was excited but also nervous, the thought of studying in my pyjamas and being at home sounded like a dream every child would want, but not having friends and not knowing what the procedures were was nerve wrecking. The transition was quite easy, nothing I expected and the THEA family were always ready to help with such joy and keenness. "

Jade Philip